Bow Before The Sun

Asaf IX

Asaf stood over the map of the oakdown lands and its neighbors, looking at the faces of the other officers of the fighting men of redgate, with both the lord and master at arms away he felt it best to appraise all of them of what he had found. He had already handed the riddles and discarded weapons to Maester Llewllyn and it was now simply a matter of making sure information was shared, that was the job of scouts after all.

“As I’m sure you’ve all heard the lions moving in around Fool’s drop was something the Ghosts were looking into, We found that one of the homes a hidden door, it had proof some scum had been luring the cats into the area, there were a good number of bones around, but more importantly was a tunnel, it lead in two directions, one opening up into the traitor Dromme’s home, the other near Graybrook, there were other natural tunnels leading in other directions but we saw no signs of travel through them. I think we can all agree someone has been planning this for a very long time. There are ghosts stationed watching both entrances on the lands owned by our lady. I thought it would be a good idea to tell you all this. Better to not have Lord Andros return to find an army on his doorstep.” With that the men spoke more of plans to prepare for a possible flanking attack from the tunnels and to map them further to watch for more mischief. After what seemed like days, but was more likely a few hours, they seemed to have a plan in order and Asaf found himself bitterly cursing the Commander for taking off when he did, the recent betrayals had left several of the so called “leaders”, himself included with no experience at command and no one completely trusting anyone else.


curbry vonpenguin

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