Bow Before The Sun

Lord Dent I

Lord Michael Dent stood at the prow of the Sea Fox, as he did most every day, watching the horizon and noting their progress. The Sea Fox was a fast ship and justified his first opinion upon hearing her name. The fox was not only swift but cunning, often leaving it’s pursuers trying to figure where it had gone. A good omen for the journey they were on as it was in their best interest no one knew where they were.

Only four of them traveled on the Sea Fox having left the handful of guards to return to Blade’s Edge when they boarded. Thus far, his Lady, Valencia, had spent the majority of the trip in their cabin due to sea sickness whereas he spent most of it on the deck for the same reason. He retired below decks only to check on her and sleep for a few hours at a time. He found it amusing that they had such opposed reactions when they were usually so much more alike in their responses.

After the sailors realized he wasn’t the usual priggish noble they had joked with him that it was said that only the sea could come between a man and the woman he loved – that the sea was notoriously jealous. He could well believe it, even after all the weeks at sea he could only stand to be below decks a few hours before the sickness began to take him.

His poor Valencia, while doing better, was still ill at ease and though she tried she found no solace above decks as he did. Still they managed time to comfort one another and properly scandalize the others traveling on the Sea Fox.

He was aware the Manderly girl, Wynafryd, was about some business concerning the Dent’s beside simply escorting them to their destination. She chatted with them when the occasion arose about various topics but it had not escaped his notice she seemed to be sounding them out about the Starks. He was content to let her take her time, it wasn’t as if there wasn’t plenty of it aboard ship for those not engaged in it’s operation. He considered volunteering to help with some minor tasks to help pass the time and would probably offer after they put King’s Landing safely behind them.


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