Bow Before The Sun

Ria IX

Crones 22nd

Ria was confused by the two men at first, she didn’t know them, and while the occasional wealthy traveler to Lonetree would turn up their noses these men didn’t seem like that was the case. She’d heard of Bandits and Brigands but never thought she’d actually encounter some, especially not alone like this. She slapped at the hand of the one that tugged on her clothes, stepping back towards the horses. She wished Vossi had come with her, but the tired dog had curled up against the pack she kept her meager belongings in and nodded off as soon as they stopped for the day.
“I don’t think I’ve ever even held a gold piece,” she said referring to his last threat, “maybe the knight and noble folks I’m working for could spare you some ? They’ll be wanting their horses back soon, so I should probably take care of that before they come looking…” She hoped the possibility of a knights coming about would convince them it might be better to go somewhere else.
“Knight? Is that so?” The older man said, looking around nervously, " We might have to take a look at them next. But you’re a pretty thing. Why don’t you be a bright girl and give us your coin purse?" His partner though cast a nervous look around

“Maybe we should keep moving. I don’t want to take on no knights.” He says casting a look towards the camp.

The lead man says. “Shut up, just do what we talked about, and we’ll be fine.”

The stablehand senses she’s got there attention and addds, “Yes, a Knight and his Lady’s guard. And like I said, I’m late with their horses, excuse me…” Trying to fake confidence as she starts to walk the horses past them.

That must have gotten through to them because the leader turns to his friend and say, “Maybe you’re right. We don’t want no trouble.” He’ll talk to the subservient one then. “She doesn’t look to be carrying much money on her. Probably not worth it anyway. Let’s get out of here.” They left, almost at a run, Ria might have laughed if she wasn’t trying not to be terrified. She makes sure to let Ser Bennyen know that there are highwaymen about once she returns to camp, in case they or some friends try to come back. And spends most of the rest of the night trying to calm herself.


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