Bow Before The Sun


The Maiden's 12th

Ria did not greet the knight with usual smile she gave anyone visiting the stables, simply nodded when he confirmed her name, “Aye M’lord, Ria Sand.”. She shooed Vossi away as he attempted to sniff at the new arrival as she wondered what cause a knight would have to know her by name, let alone seek her out. But then her offered her a job, travel to King’s Landing to care for his horse.

At the though of travel she couldn’t help but grin, excited at the prospect of seeing beyond Lonetree. “Ser, I would be honored. I will have to make sure my Mother will be fine without my help, but I should have an answer for you before morning.” It was hard to not agree right then, but she did have people to take care of. She managed to remain calm as she took hold of the Palfrey, finding a stable for it and settling it. Once the knight was out of sight however she practically leaped, giving her dog a fierce scratch behind the ears, “We going to see the world boy!” It was the first time in days she felt anything other than sorrow.


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