Drokhe, Mauro

Orphan of the Greenblood


Mauro Drokhe
Male, 25 (Adult) Rogue
Played by: Narayan

Goal: Revenge, Skill Mastery
Motivation: Excellence
Virtues: Just
Vices: Drinking

Notable Stats
Agility 3
Animal Handling 1
Awareness 3
Cunning 4
Deception 3
Endurance 3
Fighting 4
Common 3
Braavosi 1
Valyrian 1
Myrish 1
Pentoshi 1
Tyroshi 1
Knowledge 5
Persuasion 3
Stealth 3
Thievery 3
Will 3

Move/Sprint: 2/8

Combat Defense 10
Health 9

Intrigue Defense 9
Composure 9

Decipher 1b
Bluff 1b
Fencing 1b
Research 1b
Streetwise 1b
Bargain 1b
Blend In 1b
Sleight of Hand 1b

Water Dancer I
Blood of the Rhoyne

Bound to the Bottle





Mauro is of average of height and build, standing about 5’9", and 160 lbs. His muscle tone could be better. He hasn’t been very fond of athletics (especially now) but sailing has given him a good knack for balance, and his hands are strong and well calloused.

His Rhoynar blood is noticeable in his bronzed skin tone and dark eyes. His hair is likewise dark, worn long in the Rhoynar tradition. His garments have a distinctly eastern style to them, though the materials themselves were chosen for durability and practicality rather then pure fashion.

His boots, breeches, gloves and cloak are made from dark sealskin, which is both flexible and naturally water-repellent and still smell faintly of the sea. His belt is made of more elaborate braided-leather, from which hangs a thin Braavosi duelists blade with matching dirk. His undergarments are plain cotton, but his tunic is embroidered from fine linen, featuring fancy silver buttons.

He also wears a very finely made ornate silver ring on his left hand, styled as a pretty woman’s face (Laurel’s), in profile, with her hair wrapped around his finger. Around his neck he wears a thin silver chain, featuring a locket with Laurel’s portrait painted inside. As a habit Mauro keeps his coin purse tucked within his tunic where it isn’t so easily snatched. He also keeps another pair of dirks in his boots.

Mauro is handsome in a mischievous, outgoing sort of way. His eyes easily sparkle with mirth and desire, while his laughter is loud and contagious. His smiles are almost always genuine, usually indicating he is eager to share a story or a joke with whomever will listen.

But there is daring behind his eyes as well. His stare can be as challenging and brazen as a natural-born Braavosi’s, and when matched with his hot temper… just as deadly. His manner is usually light-hearted, sarcastic, nonchalant, but there is a darker side to him that sometimes rises to the surface if he’s drank too much and had too much time to think.


Before he left Dorne

The Drokhe (Pronounced Droke-Hey) family trace their roots back to the ancient city of Ghoyan Drohe on Essos, long since destroyed by the Valyrian dragons approximately one thousand years ago. According to legend, the warrior-queen Nymeria led the survivors of her people in ten thousand ships westwards, settling in eastern Dorne along the Greenblood river valley. Many eventually migrated away from the rivers, mixing blood with the native Andals. Queen Nymeria herself made an alliance with House Martell assimilating herself and her people forevermore into Dornish history. The Drokhe’s however stubbornly cling to the cultural and religious practices of their Rhoynar heritage.

However, there is a stigma attached to the Rhoynar gypsy river tribes. They are distrusted more then common Dornish families and regarded more like criminals and second-class citizens. Yet the Drokhe family at least has earned itself a more honorable reputation. Some of their elder family members serve as foreign advisers to the wealthy elite, while others are known for expertise in various Rhoynar traditions like fencing, religious rights honoring the river-deities, various exotic arts and trades, and Rhoynar lore.

Mauro is the only son of Masso Drokhe and Calotta Santa who lived traveling and trading along the riverbanks in the traditional lifestyle of their people. Masso settled with Carlotta after wandering for many years as a traveling sellsword, saving enough from his work to afford them a comfortable life and raise a child. Masso was chosen to be a peacekeeper shortly before Mauro was born, bringing criminals and cutthroats to justice who preyed on the river tribes.

Masso was very stern and strict with Mauro’s upbringing. Often drilling him in the ways of the sword hoping to hone him into a warrior worthy of his name. Mauro wasn’t as brave and proud as his father however, preferring to avoid using his blade as much as possible. Mauro took more after his mother in manner of character. Friendly, talkative, sociable, fond of stories, gossip and games of chance.

He was likable enough as a boy, but his carefree nature and penchant for taking risks didn’t earn him much respect as he grew into a man. He ran away from the simple lifestyle of his people after a particularly harsh scolding by his father, seeking adventure elsewhere. Late into his teens he found himself aboard an ocean plying merchant ship, trading work for passage to distant ports.

He spent a several years in The Free Cities, exploring the ports of Braavos, Pentos, Myr, Tyrosh and Lys learning some of their customs and language. He even briefly became a part of their criminal underworld when he got involved in some plots and schemes. But then he received word from his mother that his father was dying and finally sailed home.

When he returned to Dorne

When he returned Mauro found things had taken a turn for the worse since his youth. The river tribes had fallen on hard times. Apparently rumors were spreading that the orphans of the greenblood were spies for the east and could not be trusted. Sometime before Mauro returned a group of river-gypsies were assaulted in The Red Mountains on a return journey from Highgarden. Only one escaped the bandits that were responsible.

Though middle-aged, Masso was still a capable peacekeeper and went to investigate the attack. However his presence was not welcomed. He was beaten savagely and left for dead, struck so severely on the head in fact that he never fully regained his senses. His final days were spent in fits of seizures and incoherent babbling.

Carlotta was beside herself with anger and grief. She told Mauro that his best hope to find justice for his father and the lost members of the river-tribes, would be to seek out the help of laddy Farra Oakdown. Carlotta said that Farra and her were once childhood friends, long before Farra’s father became a lord. She said that Farra had Rhoynar blood same as them, and should be more sympathetic to the plight of the river-tribes.

Mauro set out soon after to avenge his father. A man he realized he only truly respected after he died. A tragedy that left a very bitter seed of self-loathing in his heart. Indeed his deep regret weighed on him so much that he didn’t make it far into The Red Mountains before he stopped at a roadside inn to console himself with a drink. That drink turned into several, which loosened his tongue a great deal more then would have been wise.

Word of Mauro’s visit was passed on to the same thugs that clobbered his father shortly before he reached Redgate. They arranged a similar reception for him, though they didn’t get a chance to finish him off. An Oakdown patrol just happened to come upon the scene and scared away the attackers.

Mauro kept his life but he won’t recover fully from all his injuries. Mauro’s right knee was almost crushed by a heavy flail. A wound that will leave him limping for the remainder of his days. Another thing that keeps him drinking more then would be healthy.

Drokhe, Mauro

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