Oakdown, Daera

Youngest daughter of Aryl Oakdown


Daera Oakdown
Female, 17 (Young Adult Schemer)

Goal: Strength
Motivation: Political Power
Virtues: Clever, Charismatic
Vices: Selfish, Vindictive

Notable Stats
Agility 3
Awareness 4
Cunning 3
Deception 5
Persuasion 3
Status 3
Stealth 3
Thievery 3
Will 3

Move/Sprint: 4/16

Combat Defense 9
Health 6

Intrigue Defense 10
Composure 9

Empathy 1b
Charm 1b
Seduce 2b
Sneak 1b
Sleight of Hand 1b

Cohort (Garnet Spicer)




Daera has grown up under a cloud of sadness and vulnerability. Her father, Aryl Oakdown, was murdered during the Hooded Uprising. Her mother has left her in the care of her grandmother, the Head of House Oakdown; a woman who has been widowed, and lost all of her three children. Her sister Elyana, Daera’s chosen mentor, lured a stranger into her bed only to exact revenge for some past wrong, mutilating and then watching him be killed. All of this sadness began when the little lady of Oakdown was only one year old. She has known nothing else.

Daera’s mother is a stunning beauty by all accounts, a woman who had a way with men and others. Daera began to know what that meant when she watched how men started to follow her and seek out ways to please her. Daera had long since learned to keep secrets, and her feelings’ true nature chief among them. Daera has determined that she wants to protect herself from the tragedy that follows her family, and the best way to do that is by using her gifts to secure political power through marriage or otherwise. Of all the Oakdown grandchildren, her ambitions remain the most shrouded in mystery.

Oakdown, Daera

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