Oakdown, Elyana

Eldest daughter of Aryl Oakdown


Elyana Oakdown
Female, 19 (Adult)
Played by: LuckyLass

Goal: Power
Motivation: Stability
Virtues: Ambitious-Driven, Devoted
Vices: Ambitious-Grasping, Cynical

Notable Stats
Agility 3
Awareness 3
Cunning 3
Deception 4
Language 4
Knowledge 3
Persuasion 5
Status 3
Will 4

Move/Sprint: 4/16

Combat Defense 8
Health 6

Intrigue Defense 9
Composure 14

Empathy 1b
Bluff 1b
Seduce 1b
Charm 2b
Breeding 1b
Dedication 2b


Bound to the Bottle
Poor Health



3 Flasks
28 pairs of candles
1 set of far eyes
2 lamps
5 pints of oil
5 vials of black ink
5 sachets
20 scents

Noble garb (winter set) (7/10)
- Moleskin gloves
- Woolen scarf
- Hooded cloak of soft white fox fur
- White fox fur boots
- Burgundy wool dress with gold embroidery along the collar and sleeves

Noble garb (summer set) (5/10)
- Short turquoise silk gown
- Snakeskin sandals lacing up to the thigh
- Gold arm ring
- Choker

Noble garb (formal attire) (7/10)
- Low cut white gown, baring shoulders, decorated with swirls and spirals of tiny rubies at the bodice and ends of the wide sleeves
- Cloth-of-gold half cape
- Gold leather sandals

3 GD
55 SS
28 CP


Elyana didn’t remember much of her father. The Hooded Uprising took him from her when she was merely three years. All she had left were the heroic stories Lady Farra told to immortalize his memory. To the contrary, she recalled quite a bit about the mother who had left her and her sister behind years ago. Lady Farra did not have heroic stories to tell the children of Bethany Allyrion. In fact, most talk of her was forbidden, as were most topics that were considered to be in poor taste for young ladies to entertain.

Elyana struggled between the memories of her once loving mother and how she was told to feel towards the woman who abandoned them. Thoughts of her mother’s last day at Redgate and the words she tried to impart on Elyana still haunted her. Words she still struggled to comprehend. Words meant for a much older Elyana. She recalled her mother’s eyes looking down upon her, filled with tears. She had never seen her mother cry, not even following her father’s death. Once she heard Grandmother Farra tell Aunt Rachelle she could benefit from Bethany’s example and put aside her wasteful tears.

The years that followed Bethany’s departure were painfully lonely for Elyana, despite all the company surrounding her. She longed for the warmth of her mother. She tried to be that for her little sister, Daera, as her mother requested of her, but found herself acting more than feeling. She hoped it was enough. It must have been as Daera followed her everywhere. She loved her sister and without their parents they were closer than most. Elyana couldn’t shake the feeling that there was still some disconnect between them. She didn’t feel particularly close to anyone, though many proclaimed they felt close to her. She worried that everything she did was an act and that she was broken inside. Nobody really knew her, not really – and she preferred it that way.

Some of Elyana’s worries were abated when she met Kymberly. Kymber, as Elyana preferred to call her, was the daughter of the trader that traveled to Lone Tree and occasionally Redgate. Kymber’s father was inducting her in the family business, and tasked her to sell small items to the other children. Kymber tried to emulate her father’s techniques, talking up a potential customer and quickly becoming their new best friend, though it was all for show.

When Kymber approached Elyana to entice with some small jeweled charms she followed her usual script, but as they spoke she found it less and less forced. The two girls quickly found a mutual connection, and a mutual understanding. They saw their broken piece in the other, and a surprising comfort that they were no longer alone.

Their friendship deepened over the next few years with every trip the caravan made to the area. The girls frequently stole away to a spring at the base of the Sorrow Ridge, protected in the shadow of the castle. Kymber’s father was assured knowing she was safe with Elyana, and the company of the guards that saw to her. Lady Farra was less than enthusiastic over Elyana’s friendship with the low-born, but recognized forbidding it would only bind them tighter. Lady Farra instead focused her energies on priming Elyana for an appropriate marriage and her duties to the family.

The girls had an established routine maximizing their time together. Typically Elyana would greet the caravan’s arrival in Lone Tree. But once a year, on the anniversary of the Hooded Uprising, the caravan would travel to Redgate where everyone gathered. While Lady Farra visited the Sept to start her day of mourning, Elyana used the opportunity to separate from the expected activities of the day and head up to the spring for her own rituals. Once the caravan arrived, Kymber would make her way to the spring and the two girls would spend the day gossiping, giggling and reveling in their teenage natures.

On the 13th anniversary, Elyana headed off to the spring in the morning as usual. Considerable time had passed and Elyana began to worry the caravan had not arrived as expected seeing that Kymber had yet to join her. Elyana gathered her things and started back down the path to the castle. She had not walked far when she heard faint cries. She stopped, but could see nothing. She walked a little further and the cries, though muffled, grew louder. Elyana called out, instinctively, “Kymber! Kymberly!” A shallow voice responded as Elyana dropped her bags and ran towards a patch of shrubbery to her east. Elyana found her lying on the earth, battered, bleeding and stripped of her clothes. Without hesitancy, Elyana threw her arms around Kymberly, stroked her head and joined in her sobbing.

“You musn’t tell anyone!” Kymberly pleaded. Elyana didn’t understand. Whoever did this deserved to be punished, not protected. But Kymberly did not relent – for this was one of her father’s favored merchants whose family harvested the most exquisite pearls. Kymberly had no illusions what this would mean for her father, and her future should it be known she had been defiled. The picture became clear to Elyana. Of course, she would keep her secret.

Throughout the next year, Elyana watched as Kymberly grew distant. The one person she had truly connect with was lost. They rarely spoke of that day. Elyana could only imagine the toll it took on Kymberly seeing the man who dishonored her every day after, and powerless to change the outcome. Kymberly retreated within herself. Elyana resolved to make it right.
On the eve of the14th anniversary of the Hooded Uprising, Kymberly’s father, Hammond, sent word to Elyana that Kymberly was missing, though because of her recent demeanor he suspected she had run away. When the rest of the merchants arrived the next day, Elyana sought him out. He had as many questions as her. It pained him to see his only child take leave, but he dismissed much of her recent mood and wishes as being womanly – things he’d never understood. He was alone again and sad. He believed it to be his lot in life, cursing the gods for giving him a daughter only to give her the same mindset as her mother that wanted to be free of men and the life that defined them. Elyana encouraged him not to give up hope for her return and insisted he visit her whenever he comes to the Redgate.

Elyana left Hammond and eyed the various carts and goods that had arrived. She paused and walked up to a table with a stunning display of all things pearl. She inquired about the origin of the pearls, encouraging the man behind the table to give his best performance. Elyana complimented his knowledge, his obviously refined tastes, and his inherent masculinity that she noted was quite contrasting to such delicate work. She asked if he could make her something unique, something no other woman in Dorne possessed. He had been working on just such a piece, but it would run considerable coin and would take several hours to complete. Elyana acted charmed. Price was not a barrier. She reached out and took his left hand softly between both of hers to accept the agreement. She suggested he deliver it to her inside Redgate when he had it finished. He eagerly accepted. Too eagerly. As she walked away, Elyana could feel his eyes fixed on her. She gave a half turn and flashed a coy smile at him. “This is for you, Kymber,” she said to herself.

Elyana retired to her room early that evening, anticipating the merchant’s delivery. She never did get his name, but his name was of no consequence. She knew what he was if not who. Pouring herself a glass of wine, she gazed into a mirror making sure she looked perfectly ravishing. She chugged the first glass and poured another, as she had done so many times before, but this time wasn’t for pleasure. Her nerves were bothering her more than usual. There was no turning back now. She would see this through.

A knock came at the door, which Elyana had left slightly ajar. “Come in,” she called from the opposite side of the room where she stood staring out the open window, the breeze blowing gently through her semi-tamed long, dark hair. Elyana turned to greet the brute of a man she had lured to her bedchamber as she finished off the last of her glass and set it down.

“My lady, I have the necklace you commissioned,” he offered. His gaze said it all. He could barely conceal the monster within him.

“Wonderful. Wonderful. Let me see what magnificent beauty you have brought for me. Would you care to share a glass of wine with me?”

“I don’t mind if I do,” he replied as he made his way to Elyana. She poured him a glass, touching his had tenderly as she handed it to him, her hand trembling.

Elyana did her best girlish impression and apologized, “I’m sorry, I don’t normally entertain men in my bedchamber. I’m not usually so nervous.” And she was nervous, but for very different reasons. Touching this beast made her skin crawl, and she planned on touching him a good deal more before the night was out.

What followed was all a blur. Elyana remembered being entangled with him, making their way to the bed as he heaved her upon it. She kept trying to push all the revolting thoughts from her mind, but they kept creeping back. Thoughts of what he did to Kymberly, what she must have felt. The terror Kymberly suffered that day and every day after. As Elyana failed to purge the images, she turned to embraced them – compelling her to complete the task at hand.

She grabbed him by a string of his shirt drawing him onto the bed with her. He started to tear at her dress, and she expressed the same urgency to remove any barriers from his readiness. She grabbed ahold of his cock and gazed upon him while taking a deep breath. “You like that, do you?” he smirked with confidence.

“Oh, I do.” And with the next breath she released the loudest shriek she could summon while she brought her right hand from under a pillow. He barely saw the flash of metal before she sliced completely through his manhood. “You’ve raped your last.”

Oakdown, Elyana

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