Oakdown, Quinn

Squire to Ser Myles Manwoody, son of Arthur Oakdown


Quinn Oakdown
Male, 16 (Young Adult Fighter)

Goal: Fame
Motivation: Fighting prowess
Virtues: Hardworker
Vices: Overconfident

Notable Stats
Agility 4
Animal Handling 3
Awareness 3
Endurance 3
Fighting 4
Language 3
Marksmanship 3
Persuasion 3
Status 3
Stealth 3
Warfare 3
Will 3

Move/Sprint: 4/16

Combat Defense 9
Health 9

Intrigue Defense 8
Composure 9

Quickness 1b
Ride 1b
Long Blades 1b
Spears 1b
Shields 1b
Courage 1b

Blood of the Andals (Fighting)
Sponsor (Prince Doran Martell)
Favoured of Smallfolk

Hard Leather



Quinn has been serving as squire to Ser Myles Manwoody for four years, and by all accounts is a quick study in the art of war. He shows little interest for academic learning, and struggles to learn what the Maesters have shown him. Yet when he is astride a horse, or swinging his blade, all who see him comment how much he reminds them of his late father, Arthur Oakdown. This is the greatest possible compliment Quinn can imagine, and while his eldest brother Andros will one day sit the Oakchair, Quinn is ready to earn fame and glory on the Tourney grounds. Quinn looks up to Andros, and is desperate to earn his praise and favor. Quinn has let some of his accolades go to his head, and Ser Myles worries that the overconfidence will hinder his potential.

Quinn was born after his father’s death, and grew up in the grief that has enveloped Redgate since. He was eager to accept the squire position and leave home and the sadness he has always known there. Quinn is unaware of his sponsor, as Prince Doran has worked behind the scenes to look after the family of his late friend Nygel Oakdown. Prince Doran has watched young Quinn since his days playing at the Water Gardens with the other Oakdown children whenever they came to visit- which was seldom. Quinn stood up to the older children, and looked after the weaker children in the Gardens. Prince Doran noted then that “this lad will make a fine Knight in time”, and has taken great pains to see it come to pass. When Lady Farra reported the young boy’s growing interest in becoming a knight, Prince Doran made all the arrangements. Ser Myles was all too willing to accommodate his liege, and take the young boy as squire. Quinn Oakdown has been a successful squire, and hopes to be knighted soon.

Oakdown, Quinn

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