Septon Connyr

Septon of Redgate and Lonetree


Septon Connyr
Male, Middle Aged Godsworn

Notable Stats
Agility 3
Awareness 3
Cunning 3
Endurance 3
Healing 3
Language 4
Knowledge 4
Marksmanship 3
Persuasion 4
Status 4
Stealth 3
Will 3

Move/Sprint 4/16

Combat Defense 8
Health 6

Intrigue Defense 10
Composure 9

Notice 1b
Empathy 2b
Memory 1b
Research 2b
Education 1b
Charm 1b
Incite 1b
Courage 1b

Gifted Teacher



Small Sword


Septon Connyr originally hailed from Starfall, but was only distantly related to House Dayne. He followed the Septon everywhere, and the kind man pleaded with the lords of Starfall to send the young boy to King’s Landing. The young man proved to be a faith filled, but at times uninspiring, member of the Faith. He labors to deliver a powerful message, and finds himself in front of many disinterested smallfolk and noblemen alike. Where Connyr excels, however, is in his writing. He has penned many local histories and philosophical accounts of the Faith, and has earned a reputation as quite a scholar. But his oratory skills remain lacking. When he finds himself speaking off the cuff, about matters often not of faith, he is constantly surprised to find many engaged listeners. He is passionate about the current King of the Seven Kingdoms, His Grace Joffrey Baratheon. He has witnessed too many offenses during his many trips to King’s Landing, and he has been accused by the Iron Throne as a possible agitator when speaking in the small Septs around flea bottom. Connyr is not a stupid man, and has made it clear he does not wish to return to the Capital anytime soon. Lady Farra had invited Connyr to work as the Sept when Maester Llewellyn recommended him based on his scholarly writing. The household is quite patient with Connyr, but does hope he can find his voice soon.

Septon Connyr

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