History of House Oakdown

The Chronicle of House Oakdown since Aegon the Conqueror
Maester Llewellyn’s account 300 AL

1.) Favor (2 AL): Founding Event
During the War of Conquest, Rhaenys led the Targaryen forces through the Prince’s Pass to try to subdue Dorne. A series of guerilla conflicts within the Red Mountains accomplished what the rest of Westeros could not. Ultimately the Targaryen’s were forced to retreat and abandon Dorne.

Rhaenys’ initial assault in the Red Mountains was absorbed by the noble houses of Prince’s Pass. Most of the families fled to the high ground, refusing to be burned alive in their keeps by the Targaryen dragons. Each time Rhaenys and her forces found the keeps abandoned save for the elderly and children. However, when she arrived at the keep of Redgate, she was able to capture the old Lords- the Southwynds. They refused to provide the names of the other Dornish lords hiding in the mountains and harassing the Targaryen forces. The Southwynd’s loyalty to their countrymen cost them everything, and their family was extinguished. House Southwynd’s loyal servants, led by one of their commanders named Prentis, rallied a counter offensive. With the aid of other Dornish lords, the Targaryens were driven from Redgate, with the lands and castle still standing.

It was shortly after this that Rhaenys flew on to Sunspear to demand the wholesale surrender of Dorne. Princess Mariya Martell responded that Rhaenys and her family were not welcomed in Dorne, and the Targaryens abandoned their conquest- content to hold six of the seven kingdoms. Princess Mariya honored the request of the houses of the Red Mountains, and installed Prentis and his family as the new Lords of Redgate. Prentis’ family adopted their name from the lone Oak tree at the base of their lands, and the hill it rested on. The Oakdown family has held the old Southwynd keep of Redgate ever since.

2.) Glory (131 AL):
“The Legend of Ser Vaeron the Dragonrider”Ser_Vaeron.png
Ser Vaeron Oakdown was the fourth child of Lord Quinn Oakdown, and his first by his younger second wife Rhaesara- a distant Targaryen cousin. Vaeron earned his knighthood by answering Jacaerys Targaryen’s call to master dragon riding during the search for Dragonseed. Many aspiring knights died in the attempt, but Vaeron was one of the select group who succeeded in learning to ride.

During the First Battle of Tumbleton against the Two Betrayers, Ser Vaeron led the charge against the turncloak Dragonseed. His dragon, Thraxxis, died in vain trying to save Ser Vaeron against the two dragons. Ser Vaeron acquitted himself admirably before falling as well, and his legend survives to this day in the Red Mountains.

3.) Decline (284 AL):
The tragic, signature event of House Oakdown remains the Hooded Uprising a mere 16 years ago. The Lord of the House, Nygel Oakdown, and his three children- Arthur, Aryl and Annabyl, were all slain by a band of knights clad in the armor and sigil of House Fowler. The lands and family were shaken, and Redgate teetered on the edge of oblivion. Lady Farra Oakdown, Nygel’s widow, brought the House back from the ashes through sheer force of will. Her lost children left behind six grandchildren, and Lady Farra was determined to leave them their birthright intact. Since that uprising, Lady Farra has forsworn the family’s oath to the Warden of the Prince’s Pass, instead preferring to bear allegiance to House Martell directly. This has led to tension throughout the Red Mountains, straining relations for all.

History of House Oakdown

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