Hooded Uprising

In 284 AL, the tranquility of the Prince’s Pass was shaken. The hamlet of Graybrook sent an urgent request for aid to Redgate. Masked knights were besieging them. The hamlet was shaken, as their attackers were none other than their liege lord, Franklyn Fowler of Skyreach. The attackers wore Skyreach forged armor, and bore the sigil of the blue hawk of Fowler. Strangely though, each of the attackers wore hoods made of black burlap to hide their individual identities. After the uprising, it was discovered that the damage was largely limited to a few abandoned homes and fallow fields.

Lord Nygel Oakdown of Redgate rode out with each of his three children and a band of loyal knights. Upon arriving in Graybrook, the force of hooded knights turned their fury against House Oakdown. Villagers recalled how the hooded force immediately abandoned their intentions on the hamlet, as if they had been waiting for the forces from Redgate the entire time. Graybrook later told of the valiant resistance, but ultimately every member of Nygel’s sortie was lost. The hooded brigands turned to ride back up the Pass towards Skyreach, then disappeared into the mountainside.


The howls of grief from Lady Farra and the wives and children of Oakdown could be heard throughout the mountains. Despite declarations of innocence from Franklyn Fowler himself, Lady Farra immediately renounced her Oath of loyalty to Skyreach, and has rebuked all attempts by Fowler to reconcile.

Relations between the two houses remains strained. House Fowler proclaims their innocence to this day, and has grown weary of Oakdown’s insults and epitaphs. Lady Farra has stopped publicly demanding justice at the insistence of House Martell, but refuses to swear allegiance to Fowler. Prince Doran worries that the strife in the Red Mountains may yet erupt into armed conflict, and neither House Fowler or House Oakdown have been able to calm those fears.

Hooded Uprising

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