House Auros

House_Auros.pngHouse Auros of Goldway
Liege Lord: King Joffrey Baratheon, of the Iron Throne
Words: “Safe Travels, Safe Havens”
Realm: King’s Landing

LORD AEMON Auros (64), Lord of The Iron Key
his wife, LADY RAYNE (32), of House Penrose
their children:
SER ROBERT AUROS, eldest true born son, Heir
JON AUROS, second born son

Total House Fortunes Modifiers: +0

Defense: 37
Small Castle (30) The Iron Key

Influence: 32
Max Status 4
Heir (Robert) (17)
Second son (Jon) (14)

Lands: 30
Small Town (Goldway), Road (The Goldroad), Plains: 30

Law: 40
(Strong criminal element, closely watched by House Auros) House Fortune Modifiers -1

Population: 34
House Fortune Modifiers +3

Power: 35

Wealth: 26

House Auros

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