House Beech

House Beech of Breakwater Isle

Liege Lord: Lord Paxter Redwyne of the Arbor

The Beeches began with the founding of their House during the Age of Heroes. A daughter of Garth Greenhand, as well as lands and noble title, was given to the son of a powerful merchant Prince in exchange for gold. While the merchant, Jans Beech, was not granted nobility, his son and future heirs would be. Janson Beech became the first Lord of Breakwater Isle, and the family line has persisted to the modern day, as one of the oldest continuing Houses in the Reach..

The Beech words are “Rise Above”


DEVID BEECH, Lord of Breakwater Isle
-his wife, LADY AMBER, of House Cordwayner

their children:
-LORD GAEBRAL BEECH, The Heir of Breakwater Isle, 19 years of age
-LILLIAN BEECH, 14 years of age

his nephew:
-Ser HERON BEECH “The Knight of Waves”, 20 years of age, by Lord Devid’s brother, WILLUM BEECH.

their ward:
-HAMAR HARLAW, The Heir to Harridan Hill of the Iron Islands, 22 years of age

his siblings:
-[Ser WILLUM BEECH], deceased. Anointed knight, second of four children, killed during the Greyjoy Rebellion.
-BETHANY HIGHTOWER, married to Ser Nolan Hightower of Hightower
-HELEN ARGENT, married to Gideon Argent of Argent Hills

his household:
-Septa JEYNA
-RAVENNA BEECH, widow of Ser Willum, formally of House Lowther

Total House Fortunes Modifiers: +6
Law, Population, Sept, Port
Defense: 25
The Keep of Heron Hold
Influence: 32
Eldest Son (Heir, 20- Status 3)
First-born Daughter (10 – Status 3*)
Lands: 24
Weathered Hills and Ruins at the Isle’s Center (Plains and Ruins, 8)
Isle’s Perimeter with a stream running from the low lying hills to the coast (Island and Stream, 11)
Law: 24
House Fortunes Roll -2
Population: 25
House Fortunes Roll 0
Power: 29
Garrison, Trained 5pts; Breakwater Guard
Warship, Veteran 12pts; Summer Fleet
Warship, Veteran 12pts; Lord Devid’s Fleet
Wealth: 25
Sept, Port

  • Should status of the House increase beyond it’s current level, the daughter’s status would be the Lord’s status -2. Noble birth cannot have status below 3.

Historical Events:
ca. – 7,000 BAL The House begins when a prominent and wealthy merchant by the name of Jans Xalamon bargains with the ruling House Gardener. Jans Xalamon gives Lord Gardener “untold sums of gold” in exchange for Gardener’s comely daughter, title of Lord Beech, and the lands of Breakwater Isle. The daughter, lands and titles are to be awarded to Jans’ heir, however, and not to the merchant prince himself. The other houses are appeased with the arrangements and
the much-needed gold. When Janson comes of age, he becomes the first Lord Beech of Breakwater. (First Historical Event- Descent (Founding))

ca. - 1,000 BAL The great flood of Breakwater Isle takes place. The surviving stories and legends from this time would later tell how the entire island was submerged from the torrential rains and devastating winds. It is believed over ¾ of the island’s smallfolk perished, as well as most of the Beech family. The youngest and only surviving son, Gaebral, earns his place in family and island lore for leading the survivors first to safety, and then back home to reclaim their lands. With Gaebral, the Beech family line continues. (Second Historical Event- Catastrophe)

ca. - 355 BAL During the height of Ironborn strength under the Iron King Harren Hoare, Breakwater Isle is raided and fiercely pillaged. Many women (smallfolk and noble alike) are raped and killed by the Ironborn. Most structures on the island are put to the torch, including the Keep and seat of power for the Beech family for thousands of years. Relics from the old Sept, and books and tapestries from the ancient Beech holdings are saved. In return for their loyal service in preserving these priceless artifacts, the family of Salthill is honored and ennobled. The Salthill family will continue to faithfully serve the Beech lords from this point forward. (Third Historical Event- Invasion)

1 AL During the Field of Fire, as King Mern and most of his loyal banners are burned, fortune smiles on the Beech family. As a childhood friend of the Steward for King Mern (Harlen Tyrell), Corrin Beech is well placed. When Tyrell bends the knee to Aegon the Conqueror, he is given dominion over all of the Reach. Despite Corrin Beech’s relatively minor holdings, he is elevated to become one of Tyrell’s most trusted advisors. It is widely agreed that the Beech house will quickly become second only in prestige to House Tyrell throughout the Reach. (Fourth Historical Event- Ascent)

17 AL Corrin’s twin sons, Elam and Ector, are poised to be named to the Kingsguard, an honor no Beech has held before, or will hereafter. With the Hand of the King’s failing health, wild rumor and gossip begins to swirl that Corrin Beech may even be considered for the honor. However, all the honors for the family are lost when Corrin is accused of acting as an agent of Dorne with his illicit lover from Sunspear. With no trial, Corrin is executed in front of the Iron Throne. As quickly as the fortunes for House Beech have risen, they vanish even more rapidly. The family is expelled from King’s Landing, and all current and potential future appointments are canceled. Elam and Ector’s efforts to clear their father’s name are unsuccessful, and the Beech lords slip once more into relative obscurity. (Fifth Historical Event- Treachery)

105 AL – 204 AL “The Sevens’ Bounty”: After waning significantly since the legend of Jans Xalamon, the Summer Crabs return to the shores of Breakwater Isle in abundance. The fishers of the Isle enjoy harvests they had only dreamt of before. Generations of Breakwater Islanders prosper, and the trade of Summer Crabs finds it’s way across the Narrow Sea, to Slavers’ Bay and the Free Cities as well as throughout the Seven Kingdoms. Heron Hold is strengthened and adorned in luxury as a result of the hundred years of good fortune. The smallfolk of Breakwater attain new wealth as well, and the Summer Fleet of legend is founded and begins to patrol the Redwyne Straits to keep the islanders safe. (Sixth Historical Event- Infrastructure)

209 AL “The Great Spring Sickness”: After the Seven’s Bounty on Breakwater Isle, the islanders fall victim to a more far-reaching phenomenon. The Great Spring Sickness that has devastated the Seven Kingdoms does not spare House Beech. Both Lord Janson IV and Lady Silve, their eldest son, and their two daughters are lost. Only their two youngest sons survive, and only half of their small household. The Era of the “Three Lordlings” begins. The middle son, Glinnett, rules Breakwater Isle through his parent’s Steward, Kerr Salthill, for only two years. He dies from a tragic fall while playing on the roof of Heron Hold. His younger brother, Braeden, rules but four years before his mysterious death after a feast in Highgarden. The line endures when a nephew of seven years of age is found. Henning Beech lives to his sixty-third name day, and eventually helps to stabilize the Beech fortunes. Family history will place him amongst the most successful Lords of Breakwater Isle. (Seventh Historical Event- Descent)

282 AL After declaring their loyalty to the Targaryen King during the War of the Usurper, House Beech is rewarded by the powerful houses of the Reach. At the age of 14, Willum Beech is taken to squire for one of Leyton Hightower’s sons, Ser Nolan Hightower. In addition, marriage for the eldest daughter of House Beech, Bethany, is arranged to Ser Nolan as well once she comes of age. The entire realm of the Reach takes notice of Breakwater Isle’s rising star. The supposed treachery of Corrin Beech seems all but forgotten. (Eighth Historical Event- Favor)

289 AL Sailing under the banner of House Redwyne, the famed Summer Fleet of Breakwater distinguishes itself heroically in the victory against House Greyjoy and their Rebellion. Lord Devid’s brother, Willum, is killed during the conflict after valiantly commanding both Lord Devid’s and the Summer Fleets. In order to prevent raids of retribution, the son of one of Greyjoy’s most prominent banners, House Harlaw, is taken as ward. (Ninth Historical Event- Glory)

House Beech

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