House Dent

House Dent of Blade’s Edge

Liege Lord: The Starks of Winterfell

The Dents can trace their lineage back to the First Men, and to three founding brothers. A tower was raised on the holdings of each of the brothers, and the Dents remain in control of these lands to the present day.

The Dent words are “Blood, Steel, Victory.”


MICHAEL DENT, Lord of Blade’s Edge
-his wife, LADY VALENCIA, of House VIDRINE

their children:
-LADY CHRISTINA WYL (DENT), 32 years of age Married to Ser Tygor Wyl, Lady of Oak’s End in Dorne
-LADY MAGAN MABE (DENT), 28 years of age Widow of Lord Richard Mabe, Steward of North Crossing
-LORD JEFF DENT (was SNOW), base born son, 28 years of age Married to Iris Dannett, Lord of Dannett Orchard, Banner to Blade’s Edge
-LORD DEVON DENT, the Heir of Blade’s Edge, 25 years of age

their grandchild:
-LORD ETHAN MABE, 11 years of age Lord of North Crossing, awaiting inheritance when he comes of age

his siblings:
GISELINDA, younger sister, deceased

Total House Fortunes Modifiers: +2D6+1
Law, Population, Iron Mine, Godswood, Maester, Iron Mine
Defense: 33
Three Towers (names: Hilt, Crossguard, Blade)
Influence: 41
Eldest Son (Heir, 20- Status 4)
First-born Daughter (10 – Status 3*)
Other Children (no status bonus)
Lands: 41
Mountain pass, River, Hamlet: “Crossguard” (Seat of Household on the banks of the Last River)
Mountains (Rugged holdings rising from above the Dent Pass)
Hills, River (Foothills belonging to the Dents, following the source of the Last River to Dent Pass)
Law: 31
House Fortunes Roll -1
Population: 11
House Fortunes Roll 0
Power: 48
Garrison, Veteran 7pt
Mountain Guerillas, Veteran 7pt
Archers, Trained 6pt
Support, Trained 5pt
Scout, Elite “Mountain’s Whisper” 8pt
Archer/Infantry, Elite “Mountain’s Thunder” 14pt
Wealth: 28
Iron Mine +5 House Fortune
Godswood +2D6-6 House Fortune
Maester +2 House Fortune

  • Should status of the House increase beyond it’s current level, the daughter’s status would be the Lord’s status -2. Noble birth cannot have status below 3.

Historical Events:
ca. -4500 AL (Villain) – House Dent is founded in the mountains of Blades Edge, during the era of the
Andal Invasion, along the origins of the Last River. Three brothers emerge from the Frost Fangs in
the north to settle the Dent’s Pass.

ca. -3000 AL (Treachery) – Lord Heinrich Dent is beheaded by the Stark King for his role in aiding
the Wilding Invasion.

ca. -700 AL (Glory) – House Dent plays a pivotal role in the Starks finally subduing the Boltons to
establish control over the North. Mountain’s Thunder is named by Stark’s forces and the name
remains to this day. A statue of the hero of the battle, Lord Gunther Dent, is the focal point of the
hamlet of Crossguard.

195-196 AL (Treachery) – Lord Frederick Dent sides with the Blackfyre Rebellion, and loses lands to the south of their current holdings as recompense.

206-242 AL (Infrastructure) – The Reign of Lord Gustav Dent: Gustav establishes the doctrine of ‘Bread & Copper’. Helped the lands survive a harsh winter, and endear the smallfolk to their lord. Black Timber clan uprising in 220 was put down, largely as a result of the smallfolks loyalty from this doctrine.

258 AL (Catastrophe)- An avalanche devastates the communities of the Blade Mountains. Young Michael Dent (8 years of age) becomes the new lord of Blade’s Edge. The ‘Bread & Copper’ doctrine assures a peaceful and surprisingly smooth transition.

House Dent

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