House Fowler


House Fowler
The Warden of Prince’s Pass
Castle: Skyreach
Sigil: A blue hawk on silver
Words; Let Me Soar

Skyreach is located near Prince’s Pass, and the head of the house also inherits the title of Warden of the Prince’s Pass. Lord Franklyn Fowler, called the Old Hawk, is the current Lord of Skyreach and Warden. His only children are twin daughters, Jeyne- considered the firstborn- and Jennelyn.

Lord Fowler has made many attempts to reconcile with House Oakdown, including a proposed marriage alliance to Lord Andros that Lady Farra flatly rejected. Lord Fowler has recently appealed for the Martells to intervene and set matters aright. Thus far his efforts have been unsuccessful. Tensions have flared of late, and the forces of Skyreach have become more active along the Pass. Lady Oakdown has responded by sending for a foreign advisor to strengthen her own forces.

House Fowler

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