House Wyl

House_Wyl_of_Oak_s_End.jpgHouse Wyl of Oak’s End

Liege Lord: Lady Farra Oakdown

Words: “Enduring Honor”

Realm: Dorne

Landed Knight sworn to House Oakdown

The current head of House Wyl of Oak’s End is Ser Tygor Wyl. His wife, Christina Wyl hails from House Dent of Blade’s Edge. As landed knights, the family owns only a small portion of the Oakdown lands granted them in exchange for their fealty. House Wyl was granted the holdfast of Oak’s End in exchange for his fealty. He has assumed lordship of the holdfast within the past year. His coat of arms was hand painted by a local craftsman in Lonetree as a show of his gratitude for the lands that were awarded him and his dedication to the smallfolk he vows to protect.

House Wyl

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