House Yronwood


House Yronwood
Castle: Yronwood
Sigil: A black portcullis over sand
Words: We Guard the Way

The Yronwoods are one of the older houses in Dorne, having existed prior to Nymeria’s landing when they were minor kings in their own right. They fought against the Rhoynar and the houses that supported them, an effort that was ultimately unsuccessful. Because of this, the Yronwoods and Martells, who fought with Nymeria to unite Dorne, have often found themselves on the opposite sides of a cause. For instance, the Yronwoods sided with Bittersteel three times during the Blackfyre Rebellion.

Relations between the Yronwoods and the Martells were most certainly not improved when a young Prince Oberyn was caught with the Lord of Yronwood’s paramour. They worsened when Lord Yronwood dueled Prince Oberyn to first blood and then died of ostensibly minor wounds. Dark rumors suggest Oberyn’s weapon was poisoned.

TIme however, has done much to cool the tensions between the two houses. Prince Doran sent his son Quentyn to foster at Yronwood at an early age, where he served as a page and then as squire. When it came time to take his vows, Quentyn chose to be knighted by the Lord of Yronwood.

This reconciliation certainly has not extended to other houses within the region. The Yronwoods maintain a rivalry with House Fowler that extends back to the time of the Rhoynar conquest, when the Fowlers chose to support the Martells.

The current Lord of Yronwood is Lord Anders. In addition to his familial title, he is also known as the Bloodroyal (most likely a reference to the house’s heritage prior to Nymeria’s landing) and the Warden of the Stone Way. The latter title refers to the Yronwood’s duty to protect Dorne from invaders traveling down the Boneway, a responsibility the house is uniquely qualified to fulfill since Yronwood Castle sits at the southern end of that route. Lord Anders has a son, Ser Cletus, easily distinguishable by his lazy eye.

House Yronwood

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