1) The Oak Wall This is a simple wooden palisade that forms a semi circle around Lonetree. From a military standpoint, it is of little value against a determined siege. There are no regular archers assigned to the battlements, though the Ghosts can and will come down from the Red Mountains to man the ‘wall’ in times of need if necessary. The Redlanders and the Gatekeepers are stationed at Redgate, while Emerson’s riders are stationed out of Lonetree and near the wall. The Ghosts are mobile and never stay in one place for long, although they frequent both the ‘wall’ and the keep regularly.

2) Statue of Prentis Oakdown Prentis was the Castellan for the old Southwynd house that used to occupy Redgate. When the family was murdered by Targaryens during the War of Conquest, Prentis led the resistance from the mountains. The noble families in the region petitioned Sunspear to grant Prentis noble birth, and the Oakdown family was born and landed to take the place of Southwynd.

3) The Devil’s Cup This Inn is the only lodging along the Dorne ‘Road’ (road is a generous term for the sand swept path that comes in from the desert) for miles. The Cup is no fit place for gentlemen and ladies, yet draws a regular crowd. Sadie runs a small brothel to entertain guests, but the ladies are of ill repute and low regard.

4) Emerson’s Stables Emerson runs a small stable with limited mounts. He has turned over the daily care of his mounts to Redgate’s stable master, and instead focuses on counting coins and raising up his new recruits to become a mounted unit in the service of the Oakchair. The unit is new, and will require a lot of work to become combat effective. Emerson has a variety of Sand Steeds, the pride of his inventory. He also has limited access to other mounts as well. See the entry in Lonetree’s Market

5) Lonetree Market Is more tent than structure, with open walls on throughout to allow traffic from the road to wind through the stalls. Nesa, Lena and the Porter family have tents here with goods year round. The Dorne Road company will come through several times a year, and bring a much greater variety of goods from around Dorne and beyond. Further information can be found in Lonetree’s Market

6) The Prince’s Sept Lady Farra had the old Sept torn down and a new one rebuilt in memory of her lost husband Lord Nygel. Nygel was a pious man, and she wanted to both honor him and make clear who the Oakdown allegiance belonged to henceforth by naming the Sept after the Prince in Sunspear. The Sept is a circle cathedral with eight individual worship areas- seven dedicated to a wooden likeness of each of the Seven, and the final area being the entrance proper with a memorial to Lord Nygel and the Martells.

7) Smallfolk homes Scattered throughout the village, and along the Yronwood road, Dorne road and the Prince’s Pass are a collection of humble dwellings mostly made of clay bricks from the Red Mountains. The folk are generally poor, and they rely on trade and the commerce that comes through the Red Mountains. Lonetree.jpg

8) Porter Family Farms What little agriculture that takes place in the area comes from the Porter family. They own a meager pair of farms dedicated to grains and livestock. Most of their goods are sold in the market, and typically sell out as soon as they arrive. The goods are far cheaper and fresher than produce that must be brought in otherwise from the more fertile elevations above, or the Reach beyond.


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