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The Red Mountains, 300 AL

It has been 16 years since the Hooded Uprising, and House Oakdown remains in turmoil. The players take on the roles of one of six granchildren, or the household who protects them.

After the close of our most recent Story- the House of Oakdown is scattered. The King is dead, and the player house is at the center of the conspiracy. Did one of them play a part in the death? Are they innocent and victims of a political plot? Or did they have a more shadowy role to play?

The heir, Andros Oakdown has returned to Redgate with his younger brother, Ser Quinn. Their sister Lady Charlotte has formed a fast bond with House Dent, a house from the Far North, in the shadow of the Wall. Ladies Elyana and Daera have each left the Keep at Redgate as marriage alliances are being concluded. Finally, the Bastard of Redgate, cousin to them all, is Desmond Sand. He was last seen leaving the chaos of King’s Landing. His whereabouts are unknown to the Seven Kingdoms.

High above them, along the Prince’s Pass, lies the castle of Skyreach and House Fowler. House Oakdown has traditionally served the Warden of the Prince’s Pass, currently and historically House Fowler. Oakdown has since forsworn that Oath after the uprising. Tensions have ensued, and House Oakdown is caught amidst the feud with their former liege lord and other houses in the region. Now, that tension has spread beyond Dorne.

*NOTE: A Wiki of Ice and Fire is a great source of information, but makes no effort to avoid spoilers. As a result, I will try not to link to it from this campaign, but for those who are interested, it can be found here.

Game and Chronicle Information

The Chronicle of House Oakdown Scene, Story, Chronicle summary (including Rewards)

An Overview of the War of the Five Kings, current through the end of Season 3 of the HBO series. Our timeline begins during the Storm of Swords novels for those following the books. King Joffrey Baratheon, First of His Name, sits the Iron Throne.

Calendar of the Seven Kingdoms
Distances from Redgate to frequently traveled lands
Family Tree of House Oakdown
Graybrook Village within Fowler lands, near Redgate border
History and Geography of Dorne
History of House Oakdown
Hooded Uprising
King’s Landing Capital of the Seven Kingdoms
Local folklore
Lonetree A map and overview of the hamlet within the Oakdown lands
Lonetree’s Market is the center for most commerce in the lands
Nightsbane Oakdown family Valyrian Sword
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Orphans of the Greenblood
Planky Town
Red Mountains
Rewards Table XP, Glory, Coin rewards table for A Song of Ice and Fire RPG
Shadow City of Sunspear
Sigil of House Oakdown
Songs of Westeros
Underpass The dungeons of Redgate
Water Gardens
Weapons Qualities

Prominent Houses
House Dayne of Starfall
House Fowler of Skyreach: Warden of the Prince’s Pass
House Martell Liege Lords of House Oakdown
House Oakdown Chronicle Player Household
House Yronwood of Yronwood

Other Houses in the Region
House Blackmont
House Broadmont of Broadholt
House Dayne of High Hermitage: Seat of a cadet branch of House Dayne
House Mandwoody of Kingsgrave
House Wyl of Oak’s End
House Wyl of Wyl and the Boneway House

The Seven Kingdoms
TIMELINE for A Song of Ice and Fire

House Auros of Goldway; Realm: King’s Landing
House Beech of Breakwater Isle: Previous Player House; Realm: The Reach
House Dent of Blade’s Edge. Previous Player House; Realm: The North

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