Sunspear is the ancient stronghold of House Martell and the capital of Dorne. It is located on the far southeastern coast of Westeros and is surrounded on three sides by the sea. The princely Water Gardens lie three leagues away on the coastal road.

Sunspear is a walled settlement, protected by three massive winding walls encircling one another. Entry to the city is by means of the Threefold Gate, where the gates are lined up one behind the other allowing straight passage, leading all the way up to the Old Palace. Otherwise one must travel through miles of narrow alleys, hidden courts, and noisy bazaars.

Outside of the walls one can find mud-brick shops and windowless hovels. Clinging to and overshadowed by the castle’s massive walls, the so-called Shadow City of Sunspear spreads westwards.

The Spear Tower, a massive tower of stone, thrusts up from the surrounding community, stretching one hundred and fifty feet tall, with a spear of gilded steel atop that adds a further thirty feet. Highborn prisoners might be confined in cells at the top of the Spear Tower.

The Tower of the Sun has a dome of gold and leaded glass. Beneath the dome sits the throne room, a large round room with thick windows and many colored glass. The floors are made of pale marble. Within the throne room there are two seats on a dais, near twins to one another, the only difference being that one is inlaid with the Martell spear on its back and the other features the blazing Rhoynish sun that flew from the masts of Nymeria’s ships. The spear seat is used by a ruling prince or princess.

The Sandship is a large building that looks like a dromond. It is dun-colored


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