Bow Before The Sun

Llewellyn IX


“You are to be commended Asaf. It seems clear what you have found is the ‘Dragon Road’. When Aegon and his sister wives attempted to subdue Dorne some three hundred years ago, the lords were elusive. All of Dorne to be sure, but the lords of the Red Mountains most of all. Each time one of the accursed creatures flew close, the lords disappeared. Keeps were burnt, but most of the nobles survived. How they achieved this was largely a mystery. At the Citadel we uncovered letters written from that time that alluded to such a thing. The tunnel network was a closely guarded secret for understandable reasons. One traitor could undo the fortunes of all. Only a few were told of the locations, primarily Maesters and Lords, and those were sworn to secrecy. Not only were the doorways a mystery, but means of accessing the doors as well. In each case, those who swore an oath of secrecy were told only of the doorways they needed. Thus, no one individual could compromise the whole.”

The torchlight flickered against the man-made tunnel walls. Most of the Dragon Road was carved tunnels connecting natural caverns throughout the Red Mountains. When in the tunnels, the size varied from tall enough where a man could walk single file and stooping to avoid the roof, to merely a crawl space. The Ghosts led Maester Llewellyn into a mercifully larger cavern. The ‘Road’ was frequently covered with mud, as the red dirt washed into a trickling underground stream. It was worse here. The group emerged into what Asaf explained was Graybrook. His keen eyes now spotted something he had missed before. The whole of the Road appeared to be littered with secret compartments and doors. A false floor revealed a wooden plank. Once opened, the group gasped. Maester Llewellyn knew exactly what it was as he freed the sixteen year old relics. Asaf, and many of the others, suspected as much. Now they had proof.

Llewellyn turned the black burlap hoods over in his hands, finding the eye holes and clearing away the muck and creatures that had made their home within. Those who took part in the original hooded uprising came through this door, and hid the evidence of their crime within.

“Asaf, you must see what more you can learn of this. Our lady will want to act upon this, I am certain. Let us make sure we have what information we can as quickly as we can. After Lady Elyana’s wedding to Ser Adrian, we must be prepared to share it.


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