Ghosts' Scout


Male, Adult (28)

Notable Stats
Agility 4
Athletics 3
Awareness 5
Cunning 3
Endurance 3
Fighting 3
Marksmanship 4
Stealth 3
Survival 3

Move/Sprint 5/25

Combat Defense 12
Health 9

Intrigue Defense 10
Composure 6

Bow 1b
Notice 1b
Logic 1b
Charm 2b
Sneak 1b
Track 2b
Ride 1b

Keen Senses
Night eyes


Soft Leather

Hand Axe
Double Curve Bow

Other items
Soldiers tent
2 pouches
Travelers garb
208 ss 40 cp remaining

Destiny points: 4
XP: 36


Asaf grew up on a small home on the edges of Oakdown lands. It was a simple enough life and the quick clever youth loved to explore the hills around him. When the Hooded Uprising occurred Asaf was but 12, though his family was not affected directly. In the turmoil after, his Father was killed by some brigands, emboldened by the losses the local nobles had taken. His Mother was frail and sickly, and without his Father they were unable to support themselves as they had before and went to Lonetree to keep looking for work. There the young man managed to be recruited to the guard, and his talent with a bow, knowledge of the area, and keen eyes had him trained with the houses’s scouts.

At nearly thirty now he is an experienced tracker, and it is joked, often by himself, that he can spot a fly relieving itself from across the barracks. He is liked well enough by his fellows, a loyal and trustworthy, if slightly cocky, man. His focus on protecting his home however has led to significant and willful ignorance of anything outside of his keep, his town, or the hills and mountains of his home. Let the North have their war, and let the nobles rattle their swords, as long as they stay out of Oakdown lands they are no concern of his.


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