Associate of Lady Farra


Male, 37 (Adult)
Played by: thisperson1839

Goal: Family Advancement
Motivation: Duty
Virtues: Loyalty
Vices: Cruel

Notable Stats
Agility 3
Animal Handling 1
Athletics 3
Awareness 4
Cunning 3
Deception 3
Endurance 3
Fighting 3
Healing 4
Language 3
Knowledge 4
Persuasion 4
Stealth 4
Thievery 3
Will 3

Move/Sprint: 4/16

Combat Defense 10
Health 6

Intrigue Defense 9
Composure 9

Quickness 1b
Notice 1b
Short Blades 1b
Streetwise 1b
Intimidate 2b
Blend In 1b
Sneak 1b
Pick Lock 1b
Sleight of Hand 1b

Blood of Valyria
Danger Sense
Connections- King’s Landing



Left-handed dagger


Candle (4)
Lockpicks, expert (500ss value)
Flint & Steel
Pouch, belt
Oil, pint (2)
Tent, soldiers
Torch (2)
Noble’s Garb (200ss value)
Traveler’s Garb
Greycap (3 doses)
Nightshade (2 doses)
Wolfsbane (2 doses)

5 GD
32 SS
49 CP


Once a bright eyed, optimistic youth Corvo was born to a family serving the Targaryen’s. Knowing no other life he was content with what he had. Always one to pull pranks on the other servants, on the off chance he had a moment, he quickly learned the basics of remaining unseen and was soon even lifting items out of their pockets. When the war broke out when he was 18 he barely even noticed, having not been told to fight he simply continued his day-to-day routines; until Robert won. The Mad King’s blood wasn’t even cold before it seemed the rebel house’s soldiers were everywhere killing anyone with the signs of Valyrian blood. Having already learned to hide from all but the sharpest eyes Corvo managed to escape, but not before bearing witness to the violent butchering of his mother and little sister of 7. After slipping out he ran until his legs refused to move another inch and collapsed on the empty ground outside King’s Landing. He laid there for what felt an eternity cursing himself for his weakness, his inability to save anyone, the fear that drove him so far away, then the rebels who won, the king who incited them and anything else his tormented mind could think to shove the blame on until he was left with only one. An image burned into his mind as violently as the slaughter that put it there; the face of the soldier who killed his mother and sister.

A month later Corvo found himself all too calmly making a crude necklace from the same soldier’s teeth and smiling ever so slightly at the memory of his screams as Corvo pried them out.

Over the next seven years Corvo only seemed to grow more dispassionate, going so far as to be called soulless by more than a few. Finding nothing worth returning to amongst the commonfolk he turned to the streets where he made use of his stealth and growing combat abilities. However it eventually felt….lacking. He was missing something, something he still craved and it wasn’t until the end of those seven years that Lady Farra found way to offer it to him.

A purpose.

Now a man looking many more than his 37 years he was faithfully served House Oakdown for 10 years, but aside from Lady Farra herself few know what he actually does for her. When asked he simply replies ’I’m the left hand’. Nobody has gotten any more detail to this from him other than ‘Lady Farra is right handed’.


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