Oakdown, Charlotte

Daughter of Arthur Oakdown


Charlotte Oakdown
Female, Adult (22 years)

Goal: Security
Motivation: Stability
Virtues: Honest
Vices: Cowardly

Notable Stats
Animal Handling 4
Athletics 3
Awareness 4
Cunning 4
Healing 3
Language 4
Knowledge 4
Status 3
Will 3

Move/Sprint: 4/16

Combat Defense 9
Health 6

Intrigue Defense 10
Composure 10

Charm Animals 1b
Ride 1b
Train 1b
Empathy 1b
Notice 1b
Memory 1b
Coordinate 1b
Dedication 1b

Favored of Smallfolk



Charlotte has dusky blonde hair, neither red nor brunette but something close to both. She wears it shorter then most ladies, barely shoulder-length because it interferes too much with work and excessive otherwise. Her hazel-green eyes shine with intellect and honesty, always gazing and assessing but rarely trusting. Her genuine smile is as lovely and rare as the desert rose because she keeps it carefully hidden. Afraid to appear too happy or content, for fear that fate will visit more wrongs upon her.

Her wardrobe is both fashionable and useful. She keeps several pairs of boots. Some for riding, some for working, and some for walking. Only a couple of her dresses will actually drag upon the ground because she prefers to spend her time outside in the sun. She also keeps a few furred cloaks and other cold-weather outfits handy, not because she fears the winter snows, but rather because she looks forward to them. White is her favorite color, for it reminds her of the snow she loves so much, and also of purity and honesty. It is much harder to keep clean, so she doesn’t get to wear it very often. It’s a pet peeve of hers to see anyone she despises wearing white.

For jewelry she prefers bracelets and earrings more then necklaces, for the latter keeps men’s eyes lingering longer at her shapely bosom and romance is a complication she rarely desires in her life. Charlotte’s character is more self-sufficient. She hates observing many of the pleasantries expected of a lady. Curtsying most of all. She’d rather be out riding, working in the gardens or walking out in the sun.


Charlotte is Arthur Oakdowns middle child. Her mother Rachelle grew up in Highgarden. A very beautiful and ebullient lady, until her husbands death sixteen years ago. Young Charlotte watched her mother disintegrate from grief and it crushed her. It made her hate the idea that good people could spoil so badly. After that she grew up believing that too much enthusiasm for life was an invitation to have it ruined by fate.

And for a time, it certainly seemed that everyone agreed with her. The death of the lords of Oakdown during the so-called ‘hooded uprising’ was crippling for House Oakdown. It wasn’t just like knocking the top off the tower, it set cracks deep into it’s foundation as well. How could they survive without strong men to lead and defend them? Doubt about the future of House Oakdown hung over RedGate like a storm cloud.

They only survived with the strength of her grandmother Farra. She spurred the other widows to get over their grief and look to their children and their future. All except Rachelle. She was a lost cause, a pathetic drunk who refused to leave her chambers most days. Charlotte remembered crying outsider her door so many times, pleading for her comfort. And finally, she remembered the day lady Farra sent her away into exile without her children.

Charlotte resented her grandmother ever since, but no less then her own mother. She felt they were both despicable in different ways. But her grandmother at least she respected. She always did what she must for the sake of her family, even if it meant the ones she was sometimes hated for it.

Given her sad childhood, Charlotte never really wanted a family of her own. The idea of being responsible for children, and possibly dying leaving them alone, always kept a cage around her heart. But one thing Charlotte did learn from that experience was how to be vigilant. Nightmares about those hooded knights have always haunted her and kept her wary of strangers, especially sellswords.

Charlotte dreads having to marry someday. She’s resolved to renounce her name and join the silent sisters if her husband ends up being cruel and unfit, but she would never permit anyone to send her away without her children, if she has any.

Charlotte is well-read and well-spoken, having been dutiful with her studies with the Maester growing up. She’s intelligent and good with practical problem solving. But the stress of plots and underhanded dealings really gets under her skin. She feels the world would be a much better place if people weren’t so secretive and kept their thinking on the level.

She has a reputation for being cool and reserved socially, unless a topic of real interest to her is brought up, which rarely has anything to do with the gossip that other ladies seem to crave like breathing itself. She is fascinated by distant places, different lifestyles and ways of thinking, even if she has no intention of adopting any of them.

Charlotte enjoys athletic exercises as much as mental ones, eager to travel or take long walks. Her affinity for horses helps her skill as a rider, while also being knowledgeable about their training and care. She never admits this to anyone but she feels that learning to handle horses has helped her dealings with men immensely. She’s also fond of pets of all sorts, and volunteers to look after the Maesters ravens if he’s ever away.

Cooking and gardening bring back fond memories of her mother, a Highgarden lady who much improved the smells in the castle with colorful bouquets and mouth-watering feasts. Charlotte’s efforts usually fall short of those happy days, but she keeps trying.

Oakdown, Charlotte

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