Sand, Ria

Redgate Smallfolk


Ria Sand
Female, Young Adult

Notable Stats
Agility 3
Animal Handling 4
Athletics 3
Awareness 3
Cunning 4
Language 3
Knowledge 3
Persuasion 4
Will 4

Move/Sprint 4/16

Combat Defense 9
Health 6

Intrigue Defense 9
Composure 14

Animal Charm 1b
Train 1b
Brawling 1b
Charm 1b
Dedication 2b

Animal Cohort
Way with Beasts
Charismatic (convince)

Bastard Born



Peasants garb x3 (3ss)
Travelers garb (3ss)
Backpack (1ss)
Flint and steel (2 cp)
Waterskin (8 cp)
Belt pouch x2 (16cp)
Stot (assuming she doesn’t own it but it is an old past it’s prime horse Henred promised to “sell” her if she ever managed to actually travel. 50ss)
Lantern (2ss)
Small collection of books (Not sure how much )

Destiny points: 5
XP: 13

Vossi (Ria’s Animal Cohort)
(as is the case for all creatures, they ONLY have the stats listed, not the same list as human characters)

Agility 3
Athletics 3
Awareness 3
Cunning 1
Endurance 3
Fighting 3
Stealth 3
Survival 3

Bite 3D, 3 damage (may assist Ria, treat as +1 damage to primary attack)

Combat Defense 9
Health 9

Move/Sprint 8/32

Dodge 1b
Quickness 1b
Jump 2b
Run 1b
Swim 1b
Notice 2b
Resilience 1b
Stamina 1b
Hunt 1b
Track 2b


Ria was the natural born daughter of one of the house’s lesser knights and a common kitchen servant by the name of Nellie. She was only two when her father died along with his lord. Her mother swears that Ria’s father was planning to wed her at the time. As she grew up a friend of his, the Knight checked in on her from time to time, and noticing she was bright and curious, taught her letters and would occasionally lend her books.

As she grew older she started assisting in the stables and with any other animals in the keep. They seemed to naturally take to her and in her mind these horses and other creatures were the gateway to the world she saw in her tiny collection of books. Some of the other smallfolk children didn’t approve of her reading and her dreaming, but she persisted and those she couldn’t make leave her alone she would shut up with a good punch to the face. She never won but few young boys wanted to explain where they received their black eyes and would let her be.

She dreams of traveling but for now is content to remain close to her mother.

About two years ago she found a small pup abandoned after a trade caravan passed though the area, she fed the half-starved mongrel scraps and it took to following her about like an ever present shadow. She named him Vosi.

Sand, Ria

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