Wyl, Ser Tygor

Knight in the service of House Oakdown


Ser Tygor Wyl
Male, 23 (Adult)

Notable Stats
Agility 3
Animal Handling 3
Athletics 3
Endurance 4
Fighting 4
Marksmanship 3
Survival 3
Status 3
Will 3

Move/Sprint: 4/16, 3/10

Combat Defense 8
Health 12

Intrigue Defense 7
Composure 9

Long blades 1b

Scale AR: 6, AP: -3

Valyrian Longsword Scorpion


After the dispute between House Dent and House Dannett three years ago (297 AL), the Dents formed an alliance with the young Dornish knight. Ser Tygor assisted House Dent upon their return to the North in a local dispute, and in return, House Dent helped Ser Tygor retrieve his family’s Valyrian blade, Scorpion. He married the Dent’s daughter, Lady Christina, and prepared to return to Dorne and claim his birthright.

Ser Tygor soon learned however that his lands had been usurped by House Blackmont, and things appeared grim for the now unlanded knight. He was offered a meager holding on the edge of House Oakdown in exchange for an undisclosed service. House Dent honored their friendship with the young knight, and sent Dent, Ingvar to accompany him while safeguarding Tygor’s new bride, Lady Christina.

Both Ser Tygor and Ingvar have proven themselves to be reliable and competent men-at-arms thus far. Lady Farra continues her search for strength to protect her lands and family after the Hooded Uprising. Whispers inside the keep of Redgate and the hamlet of Lonetree also suggest she may be preparing for vengeance as well.

Wyl, Ser Tygor

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