Bow Before The Sun

Mauro IX

After a while, when most of the guests left, Norillo appears to have drunk his fill. He stands and makes his way from the hall. Mauro hurries to catch up with him, gritting his teeth with each hasty limp he takes. The Pentoshi turns to face him once he’s a few yards clear of the doors, out of earshot from the guards.

Mauro steels himself for the confrontation. Straightening his posture as best he can and doing his best to keep his wits despite the great quantity of strongwine he’s imbibed over the last few hours. Most importantly, he does not smile. He must do his best to intimidate the Pentoshi if he has any hope of catching the man slipping up and giving away his real motives for being here.

Norillo: {Speaking Pentoshi} “I was hoping we might have a chance to talk, Mauro Drokhe. I realize we haven’t been formally introduced, but I’ve heard a lot about you. You’ve upset some important people, Mauro.”

Mauro does not smirk at this snideness from the Pentoshi. He does not want to give the impression that he doesn’t take the accusation seriously.

Mauro: Responds in Common, as he is too rusty with his Pentoshi to risk saying the wrong thing. “I know who you are Norillo. Yes I realize I have unfinished business to answer for. Unfortunately it was unavoidable. A family member was gravely ill, but I have every intention of returning the Magisters gold.”

Norillo: Smirks and switches to the common tongue, albeit with a heavy accent. “Oh dear. And this family member, how much longer do they have left? If you don’t mind me asking?”

Mauro feels his jaw tighten. He had no desire to discuss his fathers death with this… creature… but he knew what little respect they had between them would vanish the moment he started lying. Norillo was quite experienced pressuring men like him to answer for their mistakes. It was second-nature for him now to sense a lie, so Mauro resolved to speak the truth… but as little of it as he could get away with. He didn’t want to give Norillo more information then was necessary, for sure he would find a way to use it against him.

Mauro: “I’m afraid they’ve passed on.”

Norillo: “How sad for you. So you are in mourning then? …or something like that?”

Mauro: “No, I am not in mourning, I am regaining my strength and planning my revenge against those responsible for the death of my kin.”

Norillo: “So you have more important things to do then return the Magisters gold? Is that what you’re saying?”

Mauro: “NO! I mean…” Mauro swallowed, this was not going well… “I am doing my best to finish what I need to do here first, that’s all.”

Norillo: “How considerate of you. I’ll be happy to report that you are eager to make amends for your theft, living so… safely, and comfortably… in a noble Dornish household for month’s on end…”

Mauro: “It only appears that way! I have been lying on a sickbed for most of my time here if you must know, trying to regain my strength!”

Norillo: Chuckles. “That must be hard for you, with so many noble ladies hereabouts willing to help your recovery. I saw you whispering to that one in the cream-colored dress… I think her name was Charlotte am I right?”

Mauro: Feels his hand sliding towards his blade, and checks himself… “She is kind to me yes… as are all my hosts here… there is nothing else between us.”

Norillo: Smiles “I’ll be sure to mention that to Laurel, next time I pay her a visit…”

Mauro felt his face grow pale. Before he knew what he was doing, his blade flashed from its scabbard, it’s point pressed against Norillo’s throat! It was all Mauro could do to keep himself from applying the tiny bit of pressure that would end his life.

Mauro: “You will NOT touch her… do you hear me?!”

Norillo: Gasps, holding his breath, but manages to squeak out a sentence. “She’ll be dead within a day if you harm me!”

Mauro: Feels his sword arm start to weaken as his resolve wavers, but he struggles to keep his strength up. He had to press this moment for all it was worth! “That promise works both ways Norillo. If anything happens to her, I will blame you, and I will find you much easier then you found me!”

Norillo: “Point taken…”

Meanwhile The guards beside the doors take notice of Mauro’s drawn steel and shout.


Mauro: Lowers his sword and calls back to the guards. “It’s nothing!”

Norillo: “I see why Segrini chose to hire you. You are no coward Mauro, but I will not return empty-handed!”

Mauro: “I have the gold!”

Norillo: “You have it here?! Hand it over, and you shall never need to see me again!”

Mauro: “Of course I don’t have it here! Do you take me for a fool? These mountains are full of brigands! They’d have robed me blind when they almost crippled me!”

Norillo: “A pity… a knee injury like that makes you far less useful.”

Mauro: “Perhaps. But you know what they say about a wounded animal Norillo. Don’t press me like that again!”

Norillo: “Take some advice Mauro, if you want to live as long as I have… don’t make enemies of the forty families!” He says, straightening his clothes.

Mauro: “Speaking of the forty families, do you really expect me to believe they sent you all the way here to recover such a modest amount of gold from me? The cost of your fee and the voyage alone would almost equal that… so lets talk about what really brings you here… Why are you headed for Skyreach?”


curbry Narayan

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