Bow Before The Sun

Mauro X

Norillo: Scoffs. “A modest sum? No sum is insignificant to a Magister when it’s stolen! I assure you, Magister Segrini did not achieve his wealth squandering gold. I have come to find you, little Orphan. I know nothing of Skyreach. Drawing your blade was brave. Or foolish. Time will tell. The girl in Lys is important to you, no? Perhaps this Lady Charlotte? Then give me the gold, and we can conclude our business.”

Mauro: “You’ve misjudged me if you think your threats will make me anything but angry. I’ll take the gold back to the Magister myself, along with your head, before I place a single coin in your hands with that attitude. Hurt anyone I care for Norillo and their pain will be multiplied several times over on your head!”

“…That being said. I am willing to set a timetable for retrieving the gold, so long as I believe you are behaving honorably.”

Norillo: “I see you have learned to posture with that blade in your hand as well as any Braavosi, but it is you who have misjudged me! I am a favored associate of the forty families. You are a thief who’s days are numbered, and yet, you dain to act as if you had any right to judge me about what’s honorable?! I have enjoyed a long life precisely because I honor my contracts with the Magisters. Whereas you would already be a dead man if we were having this conversation in the free cities.”

Mauro: “If that’s true, perhaps I should kill you now and enjoy that satisfaction while I have the chance!”

Norillo: “Don’t be a fool. I may be the only man alive who can keep a price off your head! If I were you, I’d ensure I leave with that gold and a tongue capable of telling the Magister about your eagerness to cooperate and clear this matter up to his satisfaction.”

Mauro: “I will take you to the gold very soon Norillo. Believe me I am eager to send you on your way. You’re the last person I wanted to see.”

Norillo: Gives a rotten smile. “Which is why they sent me! Magisters have a long reach, and an even longer memory Mauro Drokhe. Segrini is no exception. I’m here as his representative so you really shouldn’t have drawn your blade on me. Luckily for you I am more forgiving then he is, but my patience has limits… See that you think on your priorities very carefully Mauro. We will speak again.” Norillo says stepping away from Mauro and walking towards his chambers completely calm.

Mauro: Stares at Norillo’s back with a gut-churning hatred. It was more than he could stand to be bullied, chastised and scolded by the likes of him! Mauro didn’t fancy himself a backstabber, but he could certainly understand the impulse in moments like this.

After a few deep breath’s Mauro made his way to the Maesters chambers. He had to warn someone of authority in the household about Norillo If he had any hope of sleeping tonight. Mauro couldn’t bear to be the cause of any casualties from Norillo’s threats against him.


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