Bow Before The Sun

Mauro XI

Mauro moves through the keep to find Maester Llewellyn’s chambers, anger keeping his pace up despite the aggravation to his knee. When he reaches the maesters door he knocks loudly and see’s it opened quickly.

Maester Llewellyn: “Mauro. Is everything ok?”

Mauro: “No it isn’t. We must talk.” Mauro says with some urgency.

Maester Llewellyn leads him into his study piled with books, maps and scrolls along with various other tools and objects familiar to a man trained by the citadel. Mauro is no mood to pay much attention to anything beyond his own worries however. He is too upset to even take a seat at the maesters request, though Llewellyn does avail himself of his high backed leather chair.

Maester Llewellyn: “Tell me what’s troubling you?”

Mauro: “I have concerns about that Pentoshi with the red beard who showed up at the feast tonight. His name is Norillo and he is not to be trusted!”

Maester Llewellyn: “Please explain?”

Mauro: {Sighs.} I guess I have to tell the whole truth. The safety of Charlotte and Laurel matters more to me then my own reputation. “He’s dangerous, formally a thug who rose to become a mid-ranking henchman for the Magisters of Pentos. …I worked for men like him back in the free cities.”

Maester Llewellyn: {Nods.} “Doing what may I ask?”

Mauro: “Various things I’m not proud of… but never murder!”

Maester Llewellyn: “I see. Why is he here?”

Mauro: “One reason is to collect a debt from me owed to a Magister of Pentos by the name of Segrini. Segrini hired me to purchase a rare poison called Blackwine found only in Lys. My search was unsuccessful however, or perhaps a better word would be delayed, as I was distracted by a woman I met there named Laurel.”

Maester Llewellyn: “Yes I have heard you speak of her before. Sometimes even in your sleep.”

Mauro: {Scoffs.} “You watched me sleep?!”

Maester Llewellyn: “At first I had too, if only to be sure you weren’t overdosing yourself on the drugs I gave you to ease your pain or trying to drown yourself with strongwine. You were very unruly about your treatment when we first met if you don’t remember? All you wanted to do was drink yourself to death.”

Mauro: “That’s a bit extreme!”

Maester Llewellyn: Shrugs. “I make no apologies for taking good care of you Mauro. You wouldn’t be standing here if I didn’t.”

Mauro: “Yes yes, I know that! I’m trying to tell you that I didn’t have time to return to Pentos and return the Magisters gold before I sailed back to Dorne a few month’s ago, and rather then risk leaving it behind I brought it with me.”

Maester Llewellyn: “Oh? Where is the gold now?”

Mauro: “Somewhere safe, but nowhere near this keep. I didn’t bring it with me when I started my journey into the Red Mountains.”

Maester Llewellyn: “Ok. So you’re going to give the gold to Norillo who was hired by this Magister to retrieve it yes?”

Mauro: “Yes of course. But I can’t be sure I’ll have time for that right now. I want to keep pursuing justice for my father first.”

Maester Llewellyn: {Frowns.} “I hear you say ‘justice’ Mauro but what you really want is revenge.”

Mauro: {Clenches his jaw.} “Damn right!”

Maester Llewellyn: Takes a moment to choose his next words carefully. “I am not your father Mauro but I’m old enough to know that revenge is never as easy as you think. You are kidding yourself if you think it’ll happen soon if it hasn’t happened by now.”

Mauro: “Don’t patronize me! You know nothing of me or my life!”

Maester Llewellyn: “Perhaps not, but anyone can see you are thinking rashly just now. As your friend I’m trying to help you!”

Mauro: “If you want to help me, explain more about that message from kings landing?”

Maester Llewellyn: “That is lady Farra’s perogative. I was only told to show you the message.”

Mauro: “Well then what good are you?!”

Maester Llewellyn: {Frowns.}

Mauro: {Takes a breath.} “I apologize. I have no right to criticize you.”

Maester Llewellyn: “Apology accepted. So tell me what exactly you want me to do for you Mauro?”

Mauro: “You misunderstand. I am trying to help this household by warning you about Norillo.”

Maester Llewellyn: “I see that, and your warning is much appreciated, but frankly I don’t see how this concerns us?”

Mauro: “It concerns you because I don’t believe Norillo is only here to deal with me. I watched him speaking with the Lannister and I believe he’s trying to arrange something with the Magisters.”

Maester Llewellyn: “Oh? Any idea what?”

Mauro: “I didn’t learn any particulars, but whatever it is won’t be good for anyone but the Lannisters, and given the knews in Westeros lately I think you’d agree that would be bad news for everyone else!”

Maester Llewellyn: {Nods.} “Agreed, yet the Lannisters have no reason to consider the Oakdowns their enemy, unless you know something else?”

Mauro: “I saw Norillo ask one of the serving girls for directions to Skyreach, and inquire about any other towns along the way? She suggested Graybrook. He didn’t say why he’s headed there, so after the feast I questioned him myself pressing him as hard as I dared for details. However, as I have no leverage over the man, he simply denied ever saying it.”

Maester Llewellyn: {Reaches to scratch at his chin.} “Hmm… now I think I understand what your getting at. If the Magisters want to deal with the Lannisters, it’s also possible they are willing to deal with the Fowlers or someone else who is an enemy of the Oakdowns.”

Mauro: “Yes exactly! And I should stress that Norillo is capable of anything in service to the Magisters. He’s a scoundrel and a murderer. I almost killed him myself when I heard him threaten Laurel and the lady Charlotte trying to intimidate me!”

Maester Llewellyn: {Raises a brow.} “Oh? That is indeed troubling. I will have to see too it that Norillo is closely watched.”

Mauro: “Better yet that you toss him out altogether! He has no respect for anything beyond the schemes of the Magisters. He’s a snake!”

Maester Llewellyn: “Thank you for coming to me with this Mauro. Now I suggest you go get some rest. You look to be at your wits end.”

Mauro: “Yes I think some rest is exactly what I need maester Llewellyn. Good night.”


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